Monday, February 22, 2010

Introduction: The Challenge

Kharis Veazey here. Since birth (possibly even since the womb), I have had an extremely loud voice. No, I don't just mean literally-- I mean that all my life I have been afflicted with a horrible condition known as being extremely opinionated. People such as myself absolutely have to find outlets (I've heard we explode or something of the sort if we do not). Not wanting to be reduced into oblivion, I've bounced around from outlet to outlet, but with no luck.

For example: Once when trying to discuss the brilliance of Shakespeare with my mother, she suddenly decided to go "grocery shopping" for "essentials." Moreover, My brother and fiance graciously agreed to accompany her; she would need assistance in carrying all of her "essentials" to the car, and then to our barren kitchen. They left, but upon investigation I found that not only were our cupboards not bare, but were in fact more than ready to sustain us in the event of a nuclear holocaust.

Some people might have found this discouraging, but not I. Instead I simply kept pressing on until I found the perfect friend: Someone who is always there when I need to express myself; someone who will patiently wait until my ideas are all out in the air; someone who won't interrupt my thoughts; and most importantly, someone who will never go grocery shopping in the middle of an important discussion. Friend, thy name is Blogspot.

Now for the challenge. Over the next year, I am going to read 26 books. That's one book every two weeks, for those of you who are mathematically DISinclined like myself. Starting March first, I will post at least one blog every other Monday. This doesn't mean that I will never post intermittently, because I probably will (especially in times of great frustration). The point is for me to get my thoughts out in the open, but also to hopefully give insight to any of my reading brethren out there. Each book that I read will be briefly discussed plotwise. I'll give you my thoughts on the book, and they will then be rated by the Veazey Scale of Readability.

I feel as though I must warn all of you that my opinions are extremely strong and you may not agree with them. However, I hope that anyone who disagrees will feel free to comment and leave his/her own thoughts on the subject! Also, this is just fun for me--something to finally follow through on. Even if a book receives a one on the readability scale, I hope that you find out for yourselves. All book suggestions, questions, comments, and witty retorts are deeply appreciated.

Until next time, Book Fiends.


  1. Hey Kharis! Looking forward to reading your first post/review! Blessings on the blog!

  2. What a worthy goal! I love to follow blogs. I'm excited to follow your musings, kay vee.